Thursday, January 29, 2009

meet new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other's gold..

Haha, it's a girl scout song! Yes, I was a girl scout; made it all the way to Jr.'s. But there is truth in the words to the song.."Meet new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other's gold. Like a cirlce that never ends, that's how long I want to be your friend." Recently I had a sleepover with my best friend. We hadn't really talked since before Christmas and hadn't hung out in awhile. We'd been trying to get together for awhile, since we are, after all, best friends. She is my one special friend where we can not talk or get together for months but once we do get together, it's just like no time has passed. We're as close as ever. I am so grateful for that. She came to me when her parents were getting divorced-though my advice is terrible-and I told her right away when mine were splitting up. She attacks my brother and I'm a brat to her dad. Every vacation our families go on, the other has to come along. I went to Florida with her to visit her grandparents and she accompianed me to the boring family gatherings in New York/Florida. I was with her the night my grandfather passed away. She is my unrelated sister and I am so grateful for her. Yeah, I get sad sometimes thinking about how much I miss hanging out with her EVERY weekend, but I can't stay in that mindset. Before her, I rarely went out with people. Now, I'm with my friends all the time. She brought me out of my shell and now, I'm a loud, weirdo BUT I'm not letting life pass me by, like before.

I can only hope that everyone has a friend like her. Someone to go to after everyone else has left and gone and know that everything is the same, that they are an anchor to sanity and normality (is that a word?).

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